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Wednesday June, Dani (7)

John DaviesJohn Davies (@JohnDavies350) is a Free Tipster who tips in Football (Premiership and La Liga), via Twitter.  He isn’t a PRO Tipster but we have decided to interview him because he is one of the Tipster with more followers in Twitter (>67,000) . He collaborates with Betfair and has a very particular vision about this job and the sports betting world. -

What was your first contact with the Sports Betting world?

Being able to get served underage. Beginners luck got me hooked! :p

What is your relation with Betfair?

Just to help promote bets. I’m not employed by them. I get free bets if i can promote the fact they have the best odds on the exchange etc. They spotted some good retweets and approached me.

Do you have another full time job?

I did accountancy for 10 years, but now work in Sales.

Your service is currently Free, via Twitter. Do you have plans to make it Premium?

No. Quite often games are fixed so all the stats, form etc can mean nothing. It’s thought that most sports are corrupt via fixing, so I think it’s unfair to charge people. I’m just like most people, I try my best to win, but can’t predict everything right. Also, I don’t want to be held responsible for anyone making a loss.

How did you buid a Twitter base of +67,000 followers?

Winning tips! You need a lucky streak! You have to give reason why you have backed something too. I copied Paddy Powers approach, the fact they add humour to everything they do! All it takes is the odd retweet etc and you can get followers pretty quick! The fact Betfair follow me means people believe I’m genuine.

What is the best and the worst of being a Tipster?

Best: Getting accurate inside info helps. e.g. If someone is about to become a manager of a new club, having sources who work at the club etc who will leak info on the side. You get info quick and can make money that way. Posting the info on twitter and it then being backed up by the likes of sky sports etc people then take you serious! Also tipping high odd winners! Worst: Losing streaks! I’m only human, I can’t predict everything! People don’t take you serious if you keep losing. But you can’t predict random bets at times! Many of times odds of 100/1+ plus comes in live in play!

In which sports and markets do you usually tip?

Just football mainly. Premiership & La Liga

What is your method for finding value odds and selecting your picks? – Shows the same bet across about 20 bookies to get you the best price. It also shows you market trends and where the money is going. Sometimes stashes of money coming in for something quickly alerts you quickly investigate what’s going on. Finding value is just personal picks and gut instinct. Injuries, mid week games sometimes affect weekend results.

What is your opinion about live betting and trading? Do you think it’s easier or tougher to win money than with pre-match betting?

In play betting is the way forward. If the team you backed is winning with 10 mins to go and they’re getting battered, why sit back and risk losing? Trade it and guarantee at least risk free! Better to get refunded than lose! Betting in play too can be better as you can assess the game and change your mind. Quite often the short faves offer no value at home against the smaller teams, so it’s better to lay than back half the time! Laying both pre match and in play is the way forward! As everyone knows, you never see a poor bookmaker, so why not follow their footsteps and lay? So many times the heavy odds on faves slip up and ruin accums, but people continue to back them? why?? TEXT GOES HERE” target=”_blank”>Betfair offers an accumulator lay that not many people know! You play bookmaker!

As you have a large follower base, do odds drop after you tweet a pick?

No. I don’t have an influence on the market. I’m not famous :D

What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

Mainly watch or play football. I play 5 a side, 7 a side and 11 a side football. So yeah…abit of a health freak too! ahha!

Any sports betting book you have read and want to recommend?

No, I have a short attention span and just prefer to read the highlighted bits! haha!

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