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Jesse Schule

Jesse Schule (@JesseSchuleCE) is one of the most famous handicappers of Covers , a top sport betting portal in North America, specialized in American Sports. Jesse provides tips on several sports but he is very well know for his great College American Football picks. Still, he is called “The Iceman”, as hockey is the sport he has made the most money with over the years.

What was your first contact with the sports betting world?

When I was still a teenager, I followed a gambling forum called Wagertalk. Members of the forum used to regularly get together in Las Vegas for big sporting events, and I began attending these meetings in the late 1990s. I was introduced to some big players, and made some good connections that have helped me get to where I am today.

How long have you been working as a tipster?

I started at Covers in April of 2011, and within a year I had joined SportsCappingDonBestVegasExperts and VegasTopDogs.

What are the best and the worst parts of the profession?

It’s always nice to win, but it’s even more satisfying when the games unfold exactly as you predicted they would. Losses are inevitable, but the ones that really hurt, are the games that are decided by a half point on the spread, or a shootout in hockey.

What is your method for finding value odds and selecting your picks?

Seeking out the best lines, and betting at the right time can be as important as picking the teams to bet on. I check the lines as soon as they open, and watch them closely until game time. I usually have a pretty good feel for which way the money is going to go, and when and when not to wait on a line. This is something that only comes with experience.

You provide picks in NHL, NFL, NCAAF, NBA and NCAAB. Where do you think you edge over the bookies is higher and why?

I am best known for consecutive Top 5 finishes with college football the last two years. That’s Top 5 (first on some sites) up against hundreds of other pros. Still, they call me “The Iceman”, and I would say that hockey is the sport I have made the most money with over the years. My success on the ice is likely due to the fact that I have followed the sport so closely over the years.

Do you think it’s important to watch the games on TV?

Yes and no. I do think there are advantages to watching the games, for example there are cases when a team is badly out-played, but wins the game due to a few lucky bounces. If you were to check the score sheets that wouldn’t be so obvious. That being said, it’s physically impossible to watch every college football game on Saturday, and often I bet on teams that I haven’t seen play. Overall, I think that the idea that watching a lot of sports will make you a better handicapper, is not completely accurate. If you don’t know what to look for, then you are just another fan.

What is your staking method? What is your advice for punters?

Plays will range from 5-10 stars. Punters should be betting 2% of their bankroll on 10 stars plays and half as much (1%) for 5 stars plays.

Do you bet live? For you is it easier or tougher to win money than with pre-match betting?

I have tried live betting, and I think there are some cases when you find value, but overall I believe it’s a bad habit. It’s seems too easy to get carried away. I prefer to take the time to analyze each bet before the game.

Do you work as a tipster full time? can you make a good living with this profession?

Yes, It’s a full time job, I work around the clock. There is money to be made, but only if you can win. Thankfully I have been fortunate enough to have some big football seasons.

What advice would you give to those who want to become professional tipsters?

Be careful what you wish for. I think that while everyone thinks they want to be a pro handicapper, most of them would not be willing to make the necessary commitment.

Can you tell us how a normal day in your life is?

It starts with coffee, a lot of coffee. I go over the opening lines looking for potential value, and then spend a few hours doing research on games that I might bet on. Once I make my final decisions, I will write promos and submit them to the various websites. It will take an hour or so to write analysis for each game. I also have daily free plays, articles, and updates for social media. I spend a lot of time answering questions from clients that contact me on Facebook. No matter how busy I might be, I always find time to answer customer’s questions.

What do you do in your free time? What are your hobbies?

There can be a lot of stress in this job, but after you go to the gym and slam some heavy weights around, all that stress is gone (for a while).

Any sports betting book you have read and want to recommend?

“Gonzo: The life story of Hunter Thompson”. It’s not really about sports betting, but football, gambling and Las Vegas were a big part of the life of the man.

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  1. Tracey

    Jesse, can you give me your prediction on Kings v Ducks for tomorrow. You realize you got 9 in a row free picks for NHL so far.
    Tracey from Australia.

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